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Celebrity troll of the week

I was checking out Raiders Of The Lost Ark in Rotten Tomatoes and was really surprised it didn’t have a 100% rating. So I went through all the reviews to see who was the soul-less asshole who didn’t like Indiana Jones the First. It was Dave Kehr. Dave Kehr is a movie critic infamous for disliking almost unanimously acclaimed movies. The “almost” is basically due to his reviews.…

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Good movies make me happy

Sometimes I lose my faith in film with all the crap being produced these days and all. It’s like no one cares. Or like someone told me the other day, “Relax, it’s just a job, dude. Pays the bills”. Given, Raiders of the Lost Ark is not the deepest of movies but God, is it good and motivating. Of course it’s a job.…

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Most underrated film in last 40 years Featured

Watching Paul Verhoeven’s Robocop. This has to be the most underrated science fiction film from the last 40 years. It has everything, social commentary, humor, great cinematography, non stop action, still awesome special effects, perfectly choreographed set pieces, and if you don’t care about any of this, the film is just bloody entertaining. The colors, the pace, the music, everything here works and makes current sci-fi (is there any, really?)…

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