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Mr. Spielberg didn't like this review one bit

Mr. Spielberg didn’t like this review one bit

I was checking out Raiders Of The Lost Ark in Rotten Tomatoes and was really surprised it didn’t have a 100% rating. So I went through all the reviews to see who was the soul-less asshole who didn’t like Indiana Jones the First. It was Dave Kehr. Dave Kehr is a movie critic infamous for disliking almost unanimously acclaimed movies. The “almost” is basically due to his reviews. With movies sometimes lacking humor and sometimes having too much humor, his barometer is definitely broken. He didn’t like Raging Bull, Apocalypse Now, The Empire Strikes Back, and he thought Jaws was shit. Jaws. You can say anything about Jaws, but a bad film it is not. And then you have Raiders which is one of the most beautiful homages made to storytelling among other things. Then I went through the long list of comments to his review to see if some other troll agreed with him and there was none. Including one that most likely is some smartass, but who knows. Perhaps this guy is the real thing.

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