10-Year Challenge Featured

Socialist scum loves capitalist games

10-Year Challenge. Dead Communists Edition. Hopefully, for the next challenge in 2019 we’ll have the whole Venezuelan government collection to play with. I’m not sure about keeping those stinky bones, though. I’m for loading the whole party and their minions in a few C-130 and dumping their red asses in the Caribbean Sea, never to be seen or heard of again

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Arepas de topocho

Pareciera que todo lo que Maduro hace está fríamente calculado para sacarle la piedra a quien lo escuche sin resolver absolutamente nada. Digamos que Venezuela empieza a hacer arepas con harina de topocho (no se rían). ¿Qué empresa va hacerla? ¿Va a aprobar los dólares para importar las miles de toneladas de topocho que se necesitarán? ¿Por qué si le parece tan buena idea las empresas expropiadas ya no la está produciendo?…

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Welcome to the jungle

It’s sad and annoying that we as a society have to spend money prosecuting these idiots willing to die over a joint, territory, or whose car or neighborhood is better. Maybe Giuliani was right. Make the little things pay big. Graffiti? 7 years in jail. Peeing on street? 10. Shooting a gun a in a gas station? Jeez. Forever. Crimes like this won’t happen because either people is afraid of going to jail or already in jail for some scary amount of time.…

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