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Check and confirm if string exist in text

<?php if( $this-artist-review ): ?<?php
		$word = "system-readmore";
		$mystring = $this-artist-review;
// Test if string contains the word 
		if(strpos($mystring, $word) !== false){
		echo "Word Found!";
		} else {
		echo "Word Not Found!";
	?<?php endif; ?
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Jesus vs. The Beatles 2017 Featured

In 1966 John Lennon said “We’re more popular than Jesus now.” According to Google Trends, it is Justin Bieber who is bigger than Jesus. Except for Belarus. An obviously godless country with much better taste in music than the rest of Planet Earth. The #Prince or Michael Jackson question pretty much over too. Even Jesus kicks Prince’s ass

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Replace text in mysql table

Sometimes you need to replace some text in your Mysql database. Whatever it is (a user ID or a user name), this is the SQL query you need to run:

UPDATE `table` SET `field` = REPLACE(`field`, ‘string’, ‘anothervalue’)

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