Good movies make me happy

Indiana Jones doesn't care about no fire.

Indiana Jones doesn’t care about no fire.

Sometimes I lose my faith in film with all the crap being produced these days and all. It’s like no one cares. Or like someone told me the other day, “Relax, it’s just a job, dude. Pays the bills”. Given, Raiders of the Lost Ark is not the deepest of movies but God, is it good and motivating. Of course it’s a job. And everybody wants to make millions of dollars, and be famous and all. But fucking try.

Making money in movies is easy. A piece of crap called Mother’s Day is in theaters right now. It’s gonna make millions upon millions of dollars. That’s how easy it is. You’re connected, you vomit a script, you make millions. Only important thing is that it made millions, and people is celebrated for that. It doesn’t matter if your movie is the equivalent to ear wax if it makes money. There’s no pride or craft to respect. It’s porn. Too many people making money with film instead of making money making good films. But why bother? Everybody gets paid and celebrated whether it’s shit or not. It’s just a job, but as Raiders proved, you can do a good job. Something you can be proud of that people is gonna celebrate forever. Because it was more than a job and now it doesn’t suck. Unlike Mother’s Day.

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