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I Got Stabbed Featured

Please, consider supporting the gofundme campaign aimed at helping the costs of my recovery. Thank you.

At around 8pm on March 10, 2021, I arrived at the Silverlake Station parking lot after a quick trip to the grocery store. I was making dinner for my wife, who texted me earlier from her office to tell me she would be home at 8:30 pm.…

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Check and confirm if string exist in text

<?php if( $this-artist-review ): ?<?php
		$word = "system-readmore";
		$mystring = $this-artist-review;
// Test if string contains the word 
		if(strpos($mystring, $word) !== false){
		echo "Word Found!";
		} else {
		echo "Word Not Found!";
	?<?php endif; ?
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Salsa Heavy Metal: Rock y mercadeo transformaron la salsa en espectáculo Featured

Músicos no cocineros. Fania All Stars en Venezuela en 1980. Primera fila: Yomo Toro, Roberto Roena, Papo Lucca, Adalberto Santiago, Johnny Pacheco, Reynaldo Jorge, Ismael Miranda, Puchi Boulong, Luigi Texidor, Leopoldo Pineda, Héctor Lavoe. Segunda fila: Anibal Vasquez, Eddie Montalvo, Rubén Blades, Pupi Legarreta, Santos Colón, Ed Byrne. Tercera fila: Juancito Torres, Sal Cuevas, Pete “El Conde” Rodríguez, Celia Cruz, Cheo Feliciano, Nicky Marrero, Hector “Bomberito” Zarzuela. ©
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