New Year @ Joshua Tree Featured

Happy New Year! Wish you all a very special 2019. I received the New Year with Denise in Joshua Tree. Here are some pictures of our first day (explanation below). Subzero temperatures and Martian wind-storms tried but failed at making us crawl back to civilization. Or at making this trip less memorable. Although, it was a good reminder of our insignificance when standing in mother nature’s territory, which here, with its bizarre rock formations and lunar valleys, looks more alien than usual. Lessons learned on preparation, requirements, sharing, being a team player, and physical endurance. Also that smartphones do not charge at subzero temperatures. I made sure phones were charged when we arrived and brought an external battery, but it was useless. Below 10 Celsius (50 Fahrenheit) your phone will start having trouble charging. Take this into account when planning a trip so you can take pictures after the first day 

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