Yesterday I walked down to Tropicana Avenue and bought some tobacco to roll. Later I spent some time inside a supermarket and bought four pounds of grounded beef, lettuce and rice. On the way back some guy pulled half his body out of a truck and screamed “FUCK YOU” at the top of his lungs. He looked like a high school student and had a beer in his hand. Flipping my finger seemed like the right thing to do. He just laughed. Once at home I prepared meatballs, rice and washed everything down with two cokes.

Later on I worked on The Phoenix Project for five hours. Rewrote one page of the original draft but not to my satisfaction. Went to bed at 2 AM after deleting the whole damn thing. I’ll try tomorrow again, I need to finish this and three more chapters before my mom arrives from Venezuela on December 20. She and my dad are going to be here for a month and it will be very hard to work as I serve as their official Nevada tourist guide.

And before I forget, last night I dreamt that I robbed a bank. Not a bank exactly, but one of those trucks in which they bring the money. I took two big heavy bags from the back while a security guard was still in the cabin and ran to a subway station that looked like New York City. Inside a train, one of the bags opened a little bit and instead of money I saw that it was filled with gold. Tiny little globules of gold that fell noisely on the floor and began to scurry under the seats. People didn’t seem to care, probably because they didn’t think it was gold, but I got off on the following station and ran towards one of the tunnels like a maniac. When I woke up I was drenched in sweat and the building’s freaking maintenace guy was blowing leaves right off my window. It was 10 AM, time to sit down and work.

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