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Wake up call Featured


Weirdest thing. Last night I’m asleep when the voice of an uncle wakes me up. He yelled “Waaaatch Ooooout!” It really felt like he was in the room. Woke up white-haired scared. First thing that crossed my mind was to check the apartment’s door. Weird enough it was unlocked. Locked it. Went back to sleep. It took a while.

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Funny dream with movie stars! Featured

Wake up in my car. I’m in a familiar town but takes me a while to recognize it as the place where I lived back in the 80s. Slight wind, leaves slow motioning over road. The works. I walk a few blocks to my former house and notice everything looks weird. People is not dressed right. Long white socks to the knees.…

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Dream – December 14, 2012

Bright sunny day. I’m playing golf with my father. He’s ready to tee off when all of a sudden he starts to complain about how much of a piece-of-shit of a son I am. I fire back with some daddy issues when a soccer ball hits my legs. I turn around and notice that there are dozens of kids playing soccer on the fairway and see one of my Phys-Ed teachers from High School asking for the ball.…

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Yesterday I walked down to Tropicana Avenue and bought some tobacco to roll. Later I spent some time inside a supermarket and bought four pounds of grounded beef, lettuce and rice. On the way back some guy pulled half his body out of a truck and screamed “FUCK YOU” at the top of his lungs. He looked like a high school student and had a beer in his hand.…

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