After three days playing an online game called Friend$tock I decided to request the friendship (that’s how it’s called contacting someone in Facebook) of a girl whose picture fascinated me. Her name is Adriana Zuniga and she lives in Sydney, Australia.

Friend$tock is a game in which people are stocks and their value goes up and down depending on how many people owns you, sells you, or boosts your stock using, gasp, boost tokens. It is irrelevant to this note the details of this game, except for the fact that Adriana bought and boosted my stock for a couple of days before I noticed her picture on my profile.

The picture was a close up of her face wearing big 70’s style sunglasses. She’s wearing a gray t-shirt and part of someone’s face is close to her left cheek. This someone has an arm around her shoulders, but it is barely visible and doesn’t seem like it means anything. She and the arm seem separated by worlds.

She’s looking straight at the camera but you can’t see her eyes because of the glasses. Her smile is not full, but her teeth show a bit. It’s kind of melancholic, as if she’s forcing it although she’s not completely unhappy. She’s wearing two piercings, one on her right nostril and another one on her lower lip. Her hair is pulled back and looks wet even when its not. The afternoon sun shines on her back, creating a halo of sorts around her head. Her lips are full and pink, and jump out of a semirounded well proportioned head that touched deeply into my instincts. To me, she gorgeous.

I have seen thousand upon thousand of women’s pictures in Facebook, and not until I saw Adriana’s smile I felt compelled to write to any of them. I cannot explain it, but requesting her friendship was like a reflex, something I couldn’t couldn’t control, and after a full day waiting I felt sick to my stomach. I was actually anxious for someone I didn’t even know, and that to my best of knowledge, probably will never know. I wish she accepts my friendship so I can see more pictures of her, and if I ever know her, I’m sure she’s outstanding. There’s something in her face, her smile, that scream things I know are true and hope I could confirm one day.

As you can see dear reader, today is the day I went completelly nuts!!

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