The White Shoe Featured

I wonder if I can get anything for it on eBay

I was scouting a location in the dark boiler room of a 1920s building in Hollywood, when I ran into a single children’s shoe. A thousand possibilities flushed my mind as to why a child would leave a shoe behind in such a solitary place. None of them were uplifting.…

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Real Equality

This is why you can’t believe anything these days. Found this old magazine while cleaning my apartment. An advertorial obviously written by studio hit-men, women advocacy groups, and Oprah herself, Time dedicated 7 pages to kiss every ass involved in this “classic” that, according to the article, would change movies forever and ever and ever and ever. Its only accomplishment? Confirming that women can make bad movies as efficiently as men.…

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#Westerossowhite Featured

Big jump! From a show with zero black people to one with lots of enslaved ones 🙄 What about a show where slavery was backwards. Or better, one where slavery never existed

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Puss Fiction Featured

Just watched a clip of a Tarantino interview where he says Mia and Vincent’s dance at Jack Rabbit Slim’s Twist Contest was inspired by “The Aristocats”. Here’s a remix of “The Aristocats” dancing scene.

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