Bad habits know no borders

Last Independence Day I had an argument with some Mexican and Central American neighbors. They thought it would be cool to lit up their bbqs on the sidewalk in front of the building where I live. It didn’t take long before a million people showed up with hot dog carts, tamales, etc. kids played soccer on the street. Brown bagged beers. At least five portable stereos playing five different Mexican or Central American radio stations. Dogs pooped next to food carts, nobody picked it up. Chaos. Now, my apartment is on the second floor and was right above one of said bbqs. So, I went downstairs and as I politely as it came out I told them to fuck off. They had 10 minutes to pack their shit before I called the police. Why, they asked. Someone told me they had the right to be there. I repeated myself. 10 minutes and I call the police. Everybody began to pick up their wares. They even had tables, chairs, and a freakin piñata. But as soon as I left they ignored the warning, so I called the police. The police showed up. Everybody was gone in a minute. Only poop left behind. What was really weird about this was how surprised these guys were that I was pissed off and that I care about it at all. All I heard was come eat some tacos, we’ll pay for you. Don’t worry about it. Enjoy the day. And then puto hijo de su madre chingon… I grew up in South America but I’ve lived here long enough to don’t remember how shitty it was when I left, but I remember I left because it was shitty, and it was shitty because people could do anything like barbecuing shit on sidewalks. Watching at this video it’s easy to understand why they were so surprised and mad at me. What might be outrageous to me, down South is pretty normal. Drinking and cooking in public? No problem! Just pick a street. Bring some beers. Wherever you are it’s home. Make it as shitty as you like.

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