Golden age of business

a7a83434c29c97e164f8a7925dd3fb28f22d1071I’m normally bored by the third episode of anything these days. That’s when writers are told to stretch paper thin plots to cover a season. Usually with unnecessary melodrama and character’s backgrounds fueled by a sense of self-importance. We might be going through a golden age of TV, but it is still TV. The clumsy little brother of film who needs 3 years to tell you what movies do in 90 minutes. And not to make a better story, but to sell you stuff. As of late, subscriptions to streaming services. There are 2 or 3 statistically irrelevant exceptions of course, but so far the only “accomplishment” of this golden era is to turn everything into a soap opera. And that sucks.

Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu get one basic thing about TV very wrong

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