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Recently watched a couple of episodes of Blackish, perhaps the most inspiring show on TV today for all the wrong reasons. It is so absolutely terrible that if you had a show rejected by ABC know that most likely it has nothing to do with you or your material. Perhaps you don’t know the right people or it just wasn’t your day, but if this thing was green-lighted, anything could.…

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Golden age of business

a7a83434c29c97e164f8a7925dd3fb28f22d1071I’m normally bored by the third episode of anything these days. That’s when writers are told to stretch paper thin plots to cover a season. Usually with unnecessary melodrama and character’s backgrounds fueled by a sense of self-importance. We might be going through a golden age of TV, but it is still TV. The clumsy little brother of film who needs 3 years to tell you what movies do in 90 minutes.…

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