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RIP Pablo Featured

I met Pablo Manavello a year and some ago. My brother and I contacted him to compose the intro and closing themes of my first movie and we worked together on those songs for a couple of months. For several circumstances I ended up choosing song from a different artists but we agreed on working together on my next film.

His talent didn’t surprise me at all but his courtesy and humbleness did.…

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Most underrated film in last 40 years Featured

Watching Paul Verhoeven’s Robocop. This has to be the most underrated science fiction film from the last 40 years. It has everything, social commentary, humor, great cinematography, non stop action, still awesome special effects, perfectly choreographed set pieces, and if you don’t care about any of this, the film is just bloody entertaining. The colors, the pace, the music, everything here works and makes current sci-fi (is there any, really?)…

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Literally lost in translation Featured

Back in 2003 I was heavy into writing theater, concert, and film reviews. Mostly because I got paid for it and got free tickets to almost everything New York had to offer. But also because I got a sweet self-righteous kick by thinking the world benefited from my warnings. I loved believing that.

In reality, the world didn’t give a flying fuck about me. Two of my worst-reviewed films that year, SWAT (the worst part of writing about SWAT is acknowledging that I went to see it) and Charlie’s Angels 2 (Lucy Liu, Drew Barrymore, and Cameron Díaz… Need I say more), squeezed as much box office blood out of their stony productions than most of my best reviewed films of 2013 put together (The Russian Ark, 21 Grams, American Splendor, Spider, The Fog of War, and Whale Rider).…

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Funny dream with movie stars! Featured

Wake up in my car. I’m in a familiar town but takes me a while to recognize it as the place where I lived back in the 80s. Slight wind, leaves slow motioning over road. The works. I walk a few blocks to my former house and notice everything looks weird. People is not dressed right. Long white socks to the knees.…

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