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Yesterday I walked down to Tropicana Avenue and bought some tobacco to roll. Later I spent some time inside a supermarket and bought four pounds of grounded beef, lettuce and rice. On the way back some guy pulled half his body out of a truck and screamed “FUCK YOU” at the top of his lungs. He looked like a high school student and had a beer in his hand.…

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4 pages of Rebecca

Last night I finished rewriting four pages of The Phoenix Project dealing with the origin of Rebecca, one of the main characters of the first act. She was outlined already, but the original draft flowed too quick. The text was dry and amateurish. These new four pages are denser and definitely more to my liking, but I still have to link the last paragraph to the end of that section, in which I recount how she became a worthy member of ODIN.…

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Too Big World

Today I finally created a blog.

For months I searched for the right tool to keep a diary online and a blog was my last option. I didn’t like the look, the feel, and I definitely didn’t like the idea of joining the millions of opinionated, self-centered, and mostly untalented pseudo-writers commonly known as bloggers.

But after much looking I realized that this was the easier, quicker, and more flexible tool available.…

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