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Real Equality

This is why you can’t believe anything these days. Found this old magazine while cleaning my apartment. An advertorial obviously written by studio hit-men, women advocacy groups, and Oprah herself, Time dedicated 7 pages to kiss every ass involved in this “classic” that, according to the article, would change movies forever and ever and ever and ever. Its only accomplishment? Confirming that women can make bad movies as efficiently as men.…

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Good to know

I was reading The New York Times when I realized how much better life is when you don’t have to read about Marco Rubio. Remember that guy? Donald Trump is a nightmare, but at least he’s like a 70s sitcom villain. Romero’s joker. Goofy shit. Rubio was Christopher Nolan’s Bane. All heavy and serious on shit the poor fuck will never come close to comprehend.…

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