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That night I sat 10 feet from Charlie Watts Featured

Organizing my closet found this flyer of the time I saw Charlie Watts from a first row table at the Blue Note. A friend was visiting from Philly and while walking to a bar we noticed this hanging from the door at the Blue Note. There was no line. We just paid cover and sat to drink while he played. Then Shawarmas at Mamoun’s.…

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Too Big World

Today I finally created a blog.

For months I searched for the right tool to keep a diary online and a blog was my last option. I didn’t like the look, the feel, and I definitely didn’t like the idea of joining the millions of opinionated, self-centered, and mostly untalented pseudo-writers commonly known as bloggers.

But after much looking I realized that this was the easier, quicker, and more flexible tool available.…

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