Bad habits know no borders

Last Independence Day I had an argument with some Mexican and Central American neighbors. They thought it would be cool to lit up their bbqs on the sidewalk in front of the building where I live. It didn’t take long before a million people showed up with hot dog carts, tamales, etc. kids played soccer on the street. Brown bagged beers.…

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Welcome to the jungle

It’s sad and annoying that we as a society have to spend money prosecuting these idiots willing to die over a joint, territory, or whose car or neighborhood is better. Maybe Giuliani was right. Make the little things pay big. Graffiti? 7 years in jail. Peeing on street? 10. Shooting a gun a in a gas station? Jeez. Forever. Crimes like this won’t happen because either people is afraid of going to jail or already in jail for some scary amount of time.…

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Sex sells

Did you find Britney Spears lyrics too sexual? You have no idea. Reggaeton saved society from people who without music would be major, major sex offenders.

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