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It’s funny when politicians talk about “real” democracy”. That has never existed, it doesn’t exist, and it will not exist. No country can be a “real democracy” once their financial, social, and political structure has been established. Having different ideologies voted into office every 4 years would destroy any country. Communists come, let’s nationalize, 4 years later republicans win, privatize, etc. So countries design their democracies according to their financial systems. In American democracy main parties can only be capitalist parties. The capitalist system would suffer under other conditions so it cannot allow diversity. Same for “socialist” countries like Venezuela, where they tried to establish just one party as real ideological diversity would wipe them out. Now, some countries are more democratic than others, but if you’re expecting a big financial and ideological shift in yours, there are many ways to do that, none of them through the polls.

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