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Next time someone asks you what’s happening with that movie you wrote, show them this picture.

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Dictionary update

Two new things you’ll be hearing about soon. Meternity Leave. You don’t have kids but need time for yourself. Poor you 🙁 And Peternity Leave. Time off if you get a new pet. Because you don’t have time to care for a pet but everybody should pay for your personal decisions. In related news, actual maternity leave mostly fiction in the US.…

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Good to know

I was reading The New York Times when I realized how much better life is when you don’t have to read about Marco Rubio. Remember that guy? Donald Trump is a nightmare, but at least he’s like a 70s sitcom villain. Romero’s joker. Goofy shit. Rubio was Christopher Nolan’s Bane. All heavy and serious on shit the poor fuck will never come close to comprehend.…

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Checking the trending newsfeed for updates on recent earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador. Apparently nobody cares, but I’m glad Kim K met Prince once. That’s really cute.

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