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Gas Station in Koreatown, Los Angeles

It happened here

XXL sweaty woman wearing weirdly shining Leggings and dirty Crocs rolls into gas station store dragging two kids and yells at Indian attendant, “Yo, where’s the restroom at fool?” He says, “Sory, no restrum”. She curses him and wobbles her way out to a car where people seems confused about how to use a debit card to put gas. In 2015. The attendant and I cross sights. We’ve known each other for a few years now. And I have used his bathroom many times. He lowers his eyes. “Sory”. What!? Why? I say. I would have done exactly the same if someone yelled at me that way. If she wanted the bathroom she should have said “Good Morning, Sir. Can I use your restroom, please”. And give you a fucking smile for chrissake. Attendant smiles himself. “Thank you for understanding. Here everybody is yo this and yo that. They yell at me all the time. No manners. Everybody think I’m racist because I don’t let people use restroom but I just want to be asked nicely. I just want people to say please.” I lean forward and lower my sunglasses enough to make real eye contact. Attendant leans forward too. Kick ass. I say, “Never do anything for anybody unless they say please. Got it?” Attendant lowers eyes and moves to next customer. “That’s all I want. I just want people to be nice to me”.

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