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Real Equality

This is why you can’t believe anything these days. Found this old magazine while cleaning my apartment. An advertorial obviously written by studio hit-men, women advocacy groups, and Oprah herself, Time dedicated 7 pages to kiss every ass involved in this “classic” that, according to the article, would change movies forever and ever and ever and ever. Its only accomplishment? Confirming that women can make bad movies as efficiently as men.…

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Feliz Navidad Featured

Some of you here are very my close to me, some are acquaintances, and most of you are men and women I have never met, but all of you are my friends thanks to this modern way of communication. We chat, we share, we argue, we cheer us up, and more importantly, we are closer sometimes more than people we actually see every day.…

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Bad Guys Always Die Featured

Some actors spend their whole lives playing baddies and, naturally, die a lot. On film. Billy Drago is one of those actors and he died on every film I can remember. I think once Chuck Norris even shot him in the balls. And he died. Of course. Or threw him out of a plane over the Amazon. Or something like that.…

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