Venezuela’s no-food porn explained Featured

Milton Friedman on the ‪#‎Venezuelan‬ food shortage crisis. “We ‪#‎economists‬ don’t know much, but we do know how to create a shortage. If you want to create a ‪#‎shortage‬ of tomatoes, for example, just pass a law that retailers can’t sell ‪#‎tomatoes‬ for more than two cents per pound. Instantly, you’ll have a ‪#‎tomato‬ shortage.” ‪#‎miltonfriedman‬ ‪#‎venezuela‬ ‪#‎economy‬

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Real Democracy Utopia Featured

It’s funny when politicians talk about “real” democracy”. That has never existed, it doesn’t exist, and it will not exist. No country can be a “real democracy” once their financial, social, and political structure has been established. Having different ideologies voted into office every 4 years would destroy any country. Communists come, let’s nationalize, 4 years later republicans win, privatize, etc.…

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