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Update Mysql table

This will update data in a MySQL table whether is empty or not.

UPDATE artists SET city = ‘Los Angeles’  WHERE city=’Sydney’

In this case Sydney will be replaced by Los Angeles.

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Format 1000 to 1K and trim result to one decimal using PHP

In web design sometimes it’s neccesary to keep things short, so large numbers have to be trimmed for display. The following simple code will format any number > to 1000 to its 1K version and will limit decimals to 2 digits.

$shares = $this->page->shares;
$shares2 = $shares / 1000;
if ($shares < 1000) {
echo ‘$shares’;
else {
echo number_format($shares2, 2);
echo ‘k’;

With this simple code, a number preserves its format if it’s lower than 1000 (i.e.…

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Showing conditional divs using php and if/else statements

If you want to show some divs instead of others on a website IF some condition is met you can use the following piece of code:

php if ($artist_id == “1980”) { ?>

Some data

php } else { ?>

Some other data

<? } ?>

The data and the whole layout can be different, as in this case, but it doesn’t have to.…

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