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The future of ISIS Featured

Pirates were no better than ISIS. So I think it’s safe to speculate that in 200 years we’ll have an ISIS Disney ride and a hit movie starring 2215’s Cyber Johnny Depp. Kids will dress like jihadis for Halloween and no one will bat an eye at their adorable little historically inaccurate scimitars. Romantic legends are nothing but human tragedies washed down on the blinding streams of time.…

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Jesus Saves Featured

Jesus Saves

It’s Friday and I’m partying on the roof of the Ace Hotel with some friends and some pornstars. Naturally, I’m not bored but the view of Downtown during sunset is quite stunning, so I walk to a glass wall and look out. Awesome. 30 seconds later I’m ready to go back but as I turn around my eyes stray down to Hill St.…

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Koreatown, USA Featured

XXL sweaty woman wearing weirdly shining Leggings and dirty Crocs rolls into gas station store dragging two kids and yells at Indian attendant, “Yo, where’s the restroom at fool?” He says, “Sory, no restrum”. She curses him and wobbles her way out to a car where people seems confused about how to use a debit card to put gas. In 2015.…

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Two years in the making Featured

After 2 years slowly rebuilding a Technics SL-1200MK2, today I finally received the last two parts needed to bring it back to life. And it works. Still missing the dustcover and the 45″ adapter but the turntable works fine without those 2. I’ll put them on the list for 2016

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